Awareness Quest's Dedication to Other Researchers

Val Osborn: Discoverer of a 3,000-year-old mine and harbour at Sarina on the coast of central 
Queensland is set to change Australian, if not world history. here

Rex Gilroy: No one could publish anything on Australian Mysteries without mentioning Rex Gilroy. He is known for his lifelong fascination and research into all aspects of Australian unexplained mysteries and enigmas of our prehistory. Rex Gilroy dares to question the blind dogma of scientific conformity with evidence for which university text books have no answers. Rex has two books available and a new website:

Brett Green: Check out his web page here

Graham Walsh: Check out Graham's web page (sorry broken link)

Paul White: Of "Maggies Farm" magazine fame will soon have his long awaited book available. Paul has also produced and directed a four part video series called "Ancient Secrets" as well as writing many facinating articles about his research which can be viewed by clicking here

Dr Anthony G. Wheeler: Author of a report called "Australian Pyramids". More...

Ogham Historical Society, Brisbane Queensland: A volunteer non-profit association of friendly people of good character who have an interest in ancient Irish history and the associated historical streams related to the cultures and the movement of peoples in ancient times. More...

Greg Jeffery: Authored a report on the 'Gympie Pyramid' theories. Greg has a website about the shipwrecks on Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia.

Gilbert Deam: Has compiled newspaper clippings and articles into a photocopied book called "In search of Australia's Lost Pyramids". Now he has his second compilation out called "Ancient and Mysterious Discoveries in Australia". Available from Gil at P.O.Box 167, Gympie Queensland 4570, Australia.

Martin Doutre: Ancient Celtic New Zealand

New Zealand: Integrity Research Foundation. Contact: Dr Gary Cook. Gary Cook and Thomas Brown have authored a book called "The Secret Land 1, People Before"

New Zealand: Ross Wiseman: Author of four books which his latest presents evidence that the first settlers of New Zealand were Phoenician navigators who arrived 2000 years ago... he can be contacted via snail mail at Discovery Press, 22 Mountain Road, Henderson Valley, Auckland 8, NZ.

There are alot more researchers than listed. As they come to light they will appear here

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