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Following is a list of Australian Archaeological Anomalies I have compiled over many years. Please feel free to contact Tristan via email or snail mail regarding any of these sites listed. Exact place names are know by Awareness Quest researchers and will be reserved for the serious preservers of our True Ancient Past. Some places are too sensitive to put here yet...but they do exist...

A list of Australian Archaeological Anomalies

This Minutes Random Anomalie

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Barca: A partly covered Portuguese ship of about 25 tons. It had one large mast with a square sail and a small mast which could be rigged if needed. Would carry a crew of 14 men.
Barinel: Portuguese ship which had sails and oars. Larger and longer than a barca. It needed a large crew.
Caravel: First used in the mid-1400’s by both the Spanish and Portuguese. They were ships of at least 50 tons, having three masts with lateen sails, and castle aft. Later, as voyages became longer, the size was increased to 150-200 tons and another mast was added.