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Following is a list of Australian Archaeological Anomalies I have compiled over many years. Please feel free to contact Tristan via email or snail mail regarding any of these sites listed. Exact place names are know by Awareness Quest researchers and will be reserved for the serious preservers of our True Ancient Past. Some places are too sensitive to put here yet...but they do exist...

A list of Australian Archaeological Anomalies

This Minutes Random Anomalie

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Gympie Metal spoon

Source: The Gympie Times 24/6/76
An ancient metal spoon, about 140mm long, of an unknown bronze alloy was found by Mr. Cyril Tindal in the vicinity of Mothor Mountain (Gympie). 

1.)Metallurgists who have examined the spoon agree it is crude and hand forged and of great antiquity & has been matched with other examples from the ancient Middle East. 

2.)Spoons like this one were made by blacksmiths for handling Mercury used in gold mining, which Gympie is known for.